Linda Garrett


Linda Garrett Reserve

The Blackall Ranges contain a wide range of more or less wet habitats sustaining true subtropical rainforests and wet sclerophyll forests. The fungal diversity is high with a good range of wood rotting fungi contributing to the decomposition of the large amounts of vegetative matter dropping from the trees and shrubs. Where Eucalypts and their allies are present there are also many mycorrhizal fungi. The Linda Garrett Reserve is a short drive to the west of Mapleton. The QMS undertake regular visits to the reserve which has a wide range of mature living trees and fine collections of logs and old tree stumps that support some rare and unusual wood inhabiting fungi.

For a list of macrofungi observed from the Blackall Ranges see Blackall Ranges data201218.

QMS Forays

The foray follows a regular circular track leaving from the car park entrance on Delicia Road, descending to a creek and return up the firebreak road. The route passes through rainforest, areas dominated by Palms and forest with mature Eucalyptus trees.

Survey Dates: 23 June 2006, 18 November 2007, 28 March 2008, 12 April 2008, 21 June 2008, 9 July 2009, 10 April 2010, 26 March 2011, 30 June 2012, 16 March 2013, 14 June 2014, 13 June 2015, 13 March 2016.

To see records of macrofungi seen at Linda Garrett see Linda Garrett Records 20121019

There are over 200 records for Linda Garrett Forest, with 60 % of them identified to species level and the remaining 40% mostly to genus. The forest contains species of Russulaceae, Boletaceae and other groups that have yet to be described.

Linda Garrett Reserve


Some Linda Garrett Fungi

A rare waxcap: Humidicutis arcohastata

The blue Entoloma: E. hochstetteri

Amanita albovolvata

An un-named Russula species