A little Field Guide to the West Brisbane Fungi
By Megan Prance and Sapphire McMullan-Fisher


This little field Guide has been produced as a result of a survey conducted in 2014 by the Wolston and Centenary Catchments Inc. The survey covered an area of approximately 100 square kilometres bounded by the Brisbane River, Oxley Creek and the Logan Motorway.

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Basics of Microscopy


The notes used for a mini-workshop held by Diana Leemon for the QMS.

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Climate Change and Brisbane Macrofungi
A Critique on how Climate Change may affect Macrofungal Biodiversity with Recommendations for their Conservation. A report for the Brisbane City Council.
By Tony Young and Nigel Fechner


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Fungi in Australia
This freely downloadable e-book (PDF format), which consists of 9 parts, is intended to serve as a resource to assist in the identification of some fungi that may be encountered in our native forests. It can be downloaded for free from the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Website


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Queensland’s Stinkhorns Poster
A poster to help you identify Queensland’s 19 species of Stinkhorns.
A3 size.


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Queensland’s Stinkhorns Species Descriptions
All the Stinkhorn species mentioned in the above poster are described here in greater detail.


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The third ‘F’ — fungi in Australian biodiversity conservation: actions, issues and initiatives
Australia’s biota, including fungi, is highly diverse and highly endemic with many species also highly at risk of extinction.
By Alison M. Pouliot and Tom W. May
Mycologia Balcanica 7: 41–48 (2010)


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