These publications are free for you to download and enjoy!

Climate Change and Brisbane Macrofungi
A Critique on how Climate Change may affect Macrofungal Biodiversity with Recommendations for their Conservation. A report for the Brisbane City Council.
Tony Young and Nigel Fechner

Guide to Surveying Fungi in Australia
In May 2013, Fungimap published their first Citizen Science Guide, the Guide to Surveying Fungi in Australia. This is available for free to download as a PDF, and as amendments and additions are made, you will be able to access current versions and amendments from
Alena Lindsay, Richard Robinson, Tom May, Sapphire JM McMullan-Fisher
Fungimap Inc 2013

The third ‘F’ — fungi in Australian biodiversity conservation: actions, issues and initiatives
Australia’s biota, including fungi, is highly diverse and highly endemic with many species also highly at risk of extinction.
Alison M. Pouliot and Tom W. May
Mycologia Balcanica 7: 41–48 (2010)