Garden Fungi


Leratiomyces ceres

Leratiomyces sp. (© Megan Prance)

Gardeners frequently seek information about fungi that appear, usually after rain, in their garden. These pages aim to introduce gardeners to the macro-fungi that are common in gardens and on the road-side verges of Brisbane, Queensland.
Fungi grow in different areas of the garden where the specific growing environment for that fungus is found. In our “What is that Fungus in my Garden” key, shown at the top of each page are photographs of that fungi, followed by the environment where that fungus is most likely to be found and some brief notes about the fungus.
Mushrooms, toadstools, brackets, earthstars, puffballs, leathers, corals, jellies etc. are all referred to as fungi.
In these pages, you will find:

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This is not intended as a scientific document. Appropriate scientific information can be found in the texts listed as references.