Fungi Key – Queensland’s Stinkhorns


This is a trial key for Queensland’s Stinkhorns.
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1. Receptacle (fruit-body) finger-shaped, without arms. Gleba (spore mass) is carried on the upper section of the receptacle, either on a cap-like structure or directly on the stipe. 2
1.* Receptacle with arms that may be short or long, simple or forked, joined at the tips, or branched and joined to make a latticed cage. Gleba is carried on the inner or upper surface of the arms. 7
2. Cap-like structure on top of stipe. 3
2.* Cap-like structure absent. 6
3. Indusium (net-like veil) present below cap, stipe white or yellowish. 4
3.* Indusium absent. 5
4. Indusium white, cream or pale yellow. Phallus indusiatus
4.* Indusium a rich yellow, orange or salmon. Phallus multicolor
5. Cap and stipe colour red or pink. Phallus rubicundus
5.* Cap and stipe colour white, "pom pom" on top of cap. Itajahya galericulata
6. Gleba appears to be on a continuation of stipe, indusium absent. Mutinus sp.
7. Arms united to form a latticed cage. 8
7.* Arms don’t form a latticed cage. (Can be forked or joined at the tips.) 11
8. Cage colour yellow to red, with a stipe at base, arm surface wrinkled. 9
8.* Cage colour white, usually without a stipe, arm surface may be smooth or wrinkled. 10
9. Cage meshes are large all over. Colus pusillus
9.* Cage meshes suddenly change to small meshes at the top. Colus hirudinosus
10. Arms of cage slender, smooth, flattened, thickened at joins. Ileodictyon gracile
10.* Arms of cage broad, wrinkled, elliptical cross-section, not thickened at joins. Ileodictyon cibarium
11. Membranous disc covers top of stipe, disc may be perforated, arms attached to edge of disc. 12
11.* Disc absent, arms attached to top of hollow stipe. 13
12. Arms forked (or paired), from white to red in colour. Aseroë rubra
12.* Arms not forked (or paired), white in colour. Aseroë arachnoidea
13. Arms as long as, or longer than stipe. 14
13.* Arms much shorter than stipe. 16
14. Colour yellowish to reddish. Pseudocolus fusiformis
14.* Colour white. 15
15. 3 to 4 arms. Pseudocolus garciae
15.* 5 to 6 arms. Clathrus sp.
16. Stipe is fluted with vertical ribs, arms typically joined together at tips. Lysurus mokusin
16.* Stipe is cylindrical without ribs, arms free or joined at tips. 17
17. Arms usually joined at tips, upper part of arm deeply wrinkled – base is smoother. Lysurus gardneri
17.* Arms not joined at tips, arm deeply wrinkled for the entire length. Lysurus cruciatus

Edited by: Susan Nelles and Vanessa Ryan.
Adapted from: Joan Cribb and others.
Created for QMS Gasteromycetes Workshop 2013
Version date: November 2015