Please check individual meeting notices for details of times and location.Due to Covid 19 restrictions and the need for extra space for social distancing, meetings are being held at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Level 3/76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead QLD 4006, Australia, Time: 6.30-8.30 pm

Meetings include a range of activities: Foray reports, Fungal interest talks, ‘Show and tell’, and sometimes a guest speaker – all of which culminates in a rostered supper.

Meeting Structure

  • A short committee report.
  • Foray reports (10-15 min each) – an important element of most meetings. Presenters are encouraged to discuss at least five highlights from each foray. There will occasionally be two reports per meeting.
  • ‘Show & tell’ or ‘what’s fruiting now’ (5 min each). Collections brought in by members with notes for comment and discussion; members showing some of their own personal fungi projects.
  • ‘General Interest’ talk (15-20 mins), which is prepared by a member. This is not expected to be an ‘expert talk’, and only occurs where interested parties nominate themselves to present a topic. Such talks still have a mycological theme and nominees endeavour to research and prepare a mini-seminar of the mycological area of particular interest to them. Previous talks have included:
    • Andrew Kettle on “Fungi Mating Systems”;
    • Rachel Griffiths on “Beatrix Potter as a Mycologist”;
    • Dr David Holdom on “Entomophthorales – Fungal Insect Pathogens”;
    • Dr John Dearnaley on “Mycorrhizal Fungi and Plant Conservation”;
    • Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher on “Surrogates for Cryptogam Conservation Planning – a Tasmanian Trial”.
  • Special Guest talk (50 min). At least three times a year, a researcher or professional working in a field which closely aligns with Mycology will present recent research or an in-depth synopsis of a subject of interest. Previous talks have included:
    • Dr Ross McKenzie, Veterinary Pathologist and Toxicologist, on “Mycotoxicosis Oz: A Brief Survey of Poisonous Fungi in Australia”;
    • Dr Roy Halling of New York Botanic Garden on “Boletes”;
    • Dr Teresa Lebel of RBG Melbourne on “Truffles”.

8:30 – 8:50 p.m. Supper. See supper roster. Special occasions, including the AGM and last meeting of the year, are ‘bring a plate to share’ events

8:50 – 9 p.m. Close. Room & supper tidy up!