Garden Fungi – Amanita egregia


Amanita egregiaAmanita egregia

Grows in SOIL.
There are a number of white Amanita species, this one is Amanita egregia.
Fruit-body: The fruit body of this fungus is a perfect “mushroom” shape. It has a beautiful smooth, white cap and a white stem with a ring. The cap diameter is to 110 mm and has fine striations around the rim. The gills are white and remain so.
Stem: White, central, height to 135mm, has a flared ring towards the top the stem and a bulbous base which is enclosed in a sack like structure called a volva. (See left picture.)
Spore print: White.
Smell: Mushroomy.
Habit: May be solitary in soil near Eucalypts.
Notes: This is a mycorrhizal fungus.