Garden Fungi – Favolaschia calocera


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Grows on WOOD.
Common Name: Orange pore Fungus
Fruit-body: This little fungus is very bright orange in colour. It is fan shaped like a ping pong bat, with a short stem (up to 20 mm long), attached to the side of the cap and to logs or dead branches. Instead of gills it has large pores giving it a honeycombed appearance. The pores are visible through the thin flesh. The fungus is 5-40 mm diameter.
Spore print: White.
Habit: Although not common in gardens, it is becoming more common in our National Parks of S E Queensland. It grows in large troops on logs and is very visible in the rainforest.

Note: This is a weed imported from Madagascar. It may be transferred from one site to another by the spores sticking to hands, boots or clothing. So take care that you do not become responsible for spreading this fungal weed!