Garden Fungi – Auricularia cornea


(© FE Guard)


(© FE Guard)

Grows on WOOD.

Common Name: Pacific Cloud Ear or Hairy Wood Ear

Fruit-body: This is a very common tough rubbery fungus, which may occur on any dead wood. It is shaped like an ear (hence the name), or broad fan or inverted cup shape. It is mouse-grey to olivaceous brown colour, smooth lower surface and densely hairy greyish cap. The under surface is smooth or slightly wrinkled and reddish purple in colour. The flesh is thin and gelatinous. It is 20-80mm diameter.

Spore print: Spores may be seen as a whitish powder on the under surface.

Habit: It is attached directly to wood. It may occur singly but more usually in groups.

Notes: This fungus has been used in Chinese cooking, and is edible if tasteless.