FoQ – Myxomycota

Myxomycota = Slime Moulds

These are fungi-like organisms and are traditionally studied by Mycologists.

These unusual organisms may move around like an amoeba or blob, called a plasmodium. They live on decomposing vegetation and they consume bacteria active in decomposition.

They are often creeping and crawling threads of “slime” in their motile stage, however, as food becomes scarce these threads come together and form a fruiting body that produces spores. The fruiting body may be irregular clumps, small balls or regular pin or feather-shaped structures. Although small, there may be many structures joined together.

Fuligo septica (Dogs vomit) is a slime mould commonly seen on sugar cane mulch.

Fuligo septica has been covered briefly in the “Garden Fungi” section of this website.

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Lycogala epidendrum Wolf's Milk (© SJM McMullan-Fisher)

Lycogala epidendrum Wolf’s Milk
(© SJM McMullan-Fisher)

Fuligo septica

Fuligo septica (© FE Guard)