27/09/2008: Queensland Mushrooms


27 September 2008
Visit to the commercial Mushroom farm, Queensland Mushrooms.
Leader: Jon Atkinson
Meeting Time: 9 am
Time in Field: 2 hours
Number Limit: 10

Commercial, cultivation and culinary aspects of fungus. Looking at fungus in a controlled environment offers a close look at what is not normally apparent, e.g. growth and fruiting conditions. This visit will obviously also be of interest to members who grow or would like to grow mushrooms, and to mushroom cooking and eating enthusiasts.
Other notes:
Queensland Mushrooms, the second largest mushroom producer in Australia, grows 64 tons of mushrooms per week, and also export to Japan.
This will be a shorter than normal field trip, so we will have time for a further informal spontaneous foray/lunch/visit. I suggest you bring a mushroom picnic dish to share, and we may visit another mushroom farm within a 30 minutes drive.

Bring: Closed-in shoes.
To nominate, contact Jon Atkinson (contact details above)
See above for Leader’s number limit. Beyond this number nominate for stand-by.
If you nominate then are unable to attend please notify the Field Trip Leader ASAP