25/04/2009: Chermside Hills


Proposed Date: 25th April 2009
Location: Chermside Hills Brisbane
Leader: John Wrench

Focus: John is interested in visiting the Chermside hills under different times of the year to detect differences. Previous forays were in Jan 08 and March 07. John is also keen to hunt for Ramaria species for Nigel Fechner’s research.

Number Limit: 15
Access Road: Sealed
Meeting Place: end of Trouts Road , accessed from Albany Creek Road (or Horn Road) past Whipbird Place.
Meeting Time: 8:00 am
Drive Time from central Brisbane: 20 min
Time in Field: until lunch time
Land Classification: Brisbane City Council
Track standard: Class 4
Additional safety issues: Tick warning. No venomous snakes.

Other notes: Circuit east of January’s foray. Heath vegetation and open Eucalypt forest. Early start to catch low light and lower temps.
QMS Executive comment & approval date: 14th April 09
Debriefing date, time & place: to coordinate collected data and hand over to QMR. Prepare foray report for meeting and newsletter: tba

Nominating and attending indicates acknowledgement of safety briefing (see above ‘Track standard’ & ‘Additional Safety Issues’ and ‘Safety in Parks and Forests’) and agreement to allow QMS to use your images and collected data for non-profit purposes.