06/09/2008: Mt. Hobwee, Lamington National Park


6 September 2008
Mt Hobwee Lamington.
Leader: Dr Tony Young.
Number Limit: Tba 12/20

Leader’s note: The single species we want to find is ONLY to be found at that time, and no more collections of it are needed, although I will probably take a reference sample if required. The idea will be to bring cameras and enjoy a day out. It is ALL on Lamington NP trails, so it is not a bush bashing exercise. If you can walk 20km over a full day over graded paths you will be fine. It needs only comfortable foot wear, hat, shorts or slacks, light jumper and raincoat, torch, camera and lunch pack according to requirements of person. Water will have to be carried. I’d expect to be out at Hobwee well and truly by about midday and even after an hour for lunch and looking at the fungi, we’d be back somewhere between three and four pm. It’s a gentle slope all the way up to Hobwee, but downhill all the way back, except for about 200 metres at one point. I’d expect to do a gentle amble out, but walk a bit faster on the way back. The tracks are not really very demanding, but again, it is all a matter of a person’s physical fitness and only the individual can tell if they are up to the walk or not. The views of the crater rim are marvellous and you will not be disappointed. Also, Hobwee is the holotype locality for the fungus we are going to look for.

QMS Executive comment:
The walk should only be undertaken by people with a reasonable level of fitness. Round trip is about 17 kilometres rising about 450 metres, which should take about 6-7 hours walking time (this does not account for spotting fungi along the way!).
Because this is a full day walk, members should consider taking overnight accommodation in the area.