The Wonderful World of the Bryophytes


The bryophytes, a collective term for moss and moss-like plants, are the second most speciose group of land plants in the world often forming a conspicuous component of many ecosystems. However, they are rarely included in floristic assessments of sites and not treated with the same regard as the other groups of land plants. This is particularly true in Queensland where collectively the bryophytes are 2.5 times more diverse than the gymnosperms and ferns together and represent 10% of the non-algae plant diversity of the State. This presentation is designed as an introduction to the wonderful world of the bryophytes and to increase awareness of this forgotten 10% of our flora.

About the presenter
Andrew Franks is a principal botanist and Brisbane manager of O2 Ecology, an environmental consultancy. He is also an adjunct senior research fellow with the University of Queensland where he assists students studying bryophytes. Andrew also curates that Herbarium’s bryophyte collection. He is also coordinating the 12th Australian Bryophyte Workshop and hopes to one day to undertaken a revision of the Frullania of Queensland.

Olympic NP in the Pacific North West of the USA (© Creative Commons)