Jan 242017

On the 23rd and 24th of March 2017 Healthy Waterways and Catchments will host the Rainforests of Subtropical Australia Symposium (ROSA) on the Gold Coast.

ROSA promises to be a stellar event with keynotes from Tim Low, Roger Kitching, Carla Catterall and Ralf Buckley, over 25 presentations in 4 themes (rainforest vales, restoration, threatened species and climate change), a special Rainforest Legends event, dinner with Ian Lowe, and a robust Q&A style discussion on the complex interactions between fire and rainforest.

Fran Guard of the Queensland Mycological Society will be presenting Rainforests – more than flora and fauna: the emerging roles of fungi.

Registrations are limited, so book now!


Jan 232017

Pam O’Sullivan of the Central Coast Fungi Group is organising a 4 day Bolete identification workshop directed by Dr Roy Halling.

Roy is an eminent mycologist specialising in Boletes who is visiting from the USA.

The dates for the workshop are 3/4/5/6th of March, to be held at the Ourimbah campus of the University of Newcastle, NSW.

There will also be various field forays looking for Boletes in various places around Sydney, Blue Mountains and Central Coast before and after the workshop.

Please contact Pam asap if you are interested in attending: pam [at] osullivan.com.au

Jan 212017

There has been a venue change. The foray was to have been at Lake Cooroibah, Great Sandy National Park, but current climatic conditions have necessitated the change of location.

We are now going to Baroon Pocket Dam Montville.

We will start this foray at 8am.

The walking track is through a forested area accessed from the first car park on Narrows Road.

Please take the usual precautions: bring sturdy footwear, sun protection / sunscreen lotion, insect repellent and plenty of water.

Following the foray we will go to Dilkusha.

For more details about this foray, please go to our Calendar of Events.

Jan 212017

Chermside Hills is one of the Queensland Mycological Society’s regular foray areas.

The term Chermside Hills may be understood in two ways – the reference to the hilly western regions of the suburb or to the largest of the three reserves, Chermside Hills, Raven St and Milne Hill. QMS forays could be held in any part of the three reserves. Many fungi of different types have been observed in these areas.

The Australia Day Foray will be held in the Chermside Hills Reserve, Mc Dowall entering by the North-West corner.

QMS has not previously held a Foray in the sector which contains a unique geological feature not identified in the literature. Visitors from several other environment organisations may also attend the foray as our guests.

For more information about the foray site, go to our page on Chermside Hills.

For more information about this year’s forays, go to our Calendar of Events.

Jan 212017

Guest Speaker, Kerryn Gough will be speaking about "Cultivation of Fungi".

Afterwards, Fran Guard will be presenting a short talk about "Growing fungi as a livelihood in Cambodia".

Jan 212017

Gillian Brown, Collections Manager at the Queensland Herbarium (BRI) will be speaking about "Processes in Herbarium".

Afterwards, Vanessa Ryan will give a short talk about her recent visits to the Kew Fungarium and Edinburgh Herbarium.