Oct 222015

Amazingly, the 8th December is the exact date that the first meeting of the “Fungi Group” was held in 2005. To recognise this, our 10th anniversary, we will be holding a party.

The Management Committee invites you to attend and share some of the achievements, discoveries and fun times of the last 10 years.  There will be:

  • Special recognition for those who initiated this Society and who have continued to guide our mycological knowledge;
  • Displays of some quality photos that members have taken, posters from Workshops and weekend forays;
  • News of our current activities;
  • A delicious “Mushroom Themed” supper;
  • And plenty of time for catching up with old friends!

We invite past members to contribute some of your photos and memories as well.

Oct 222015

There will be a report on the Shoebox Workshop, held on the 31st October.

Members are asked to bring something of interest, for example a book, or to speak briefly about such things as an interesting web site or a favourite species, etc..