Aug 122016

Donna Davis will be speaking about her art and latest exhibition ‘Unseen : symbiotic worlds’.

Donna uses a mixed range of materials and media to represent connections and relationships within the natural world in a way which evokes curiosity and reflection. She believes that the art/science field provides a powerful catalyst to challenge our discourse, raise environmental awareness and promote the conservation of our ecology; by providing new ways of ‘seeing’ and creating new ‘connections’ in the mind of the viewer.

In 2015, her exhibition titled ‘Beyond the Seed’ was a continuation of her 2013/2014 Brisbane Botanic Gardens artist-in-residence project, ‘The Plant Room’. She investigated the hidden connections beneath our feet that impact the soil, and in turn, seed germination and plant health. It was a visual and tactile exploration of the fascinating world of fungi, with their mycelium networks and mycorrhizal associations that provide vital nutrient exchange between fungi and plants.

Her next project ‘Unseen : symbiotic worlds’ goes a step further, exploring deeper into the mysterious connections between fungi and the world around them. The Exhibition opened 8 August at Eco Science Precinct, Dutton Park and runs until 2 September 2016.

You can read more about Donna’s work on her blog:

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