Jan 122016
The Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Foray Locations

  • Friday afternoon, 11th March – Maroochy Botanical Gardens – a top place for both mycorrhizal fungi and others.
  • Saturday 12th March – an all day excursion to Woondum National Park, near Gympie. This site is new for QMS, but not for several members who have made some very exciting finds there.
  • Sunday morning, 13th March – a re-visit to Linda Garret NP, one of the richest areas that we regularly survey. It has mixed wet sclerophyll, palm and vine forest.

The proposed place for us to stay is the Mapleton Baptist Camp site. It is in a beautiful setting just off Delicia Road. It is bunk bed accommodation (bring your own linen and pillows), in several rooms. There is a room where we can set up tables for microscopes and work on our specimens. It is fully catered including vegetarian meals, from supper on Friday to lunch on Sunday. (They will do packed lunches.)

The cost is $156 per person with an initial deposit of $30.

There are only one or two positions left for this foray. Please still register your interest, in case of any cancellations. .

For more information about this year’s forays, go to our Calendar of Events.

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