May 302014
The Role of Fungi in Rainforest Regeneration (Working with Fungi in restoring Habitat).

When: 6 June, 2014, 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Where: The Conference Room, Byron Shire Council Admin. Building, Station Street, Mullumbimby, NSW.

Powerpoint slideshow for about 45 minutes with questions.
Afternoon tea – provided
Hands-on trying to identify specimens into their morpho-groups or families, using the key to Fungi Forms in Australia Subtropical Fungi (Copies also available for purchasing).

A sample of a fungus with, if possible, a bit of its substrate (what it appears to be growing from). This will be for the second part of the workshop where we will be attempting to identify the fungi. Also bring a hand lens, if you have one. There may be some hand lenses for sale at the workshop.

The Workshop is almost full, but there may be a few places left for southern members of the QMS.

Please let Rita de Heer know by email if you would like to attend and include your phone/mobile contact number.

rdeheer1 [at]

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