Oct 182020

With the easing of Covid 19 restrictions, QMS is pleased to announce that we will be holding in-person meetings once again!

Location: Albion Peace Centre, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor.
Time: 6.30-8.30 pm
Speaker: Frances Guard – Marasmius crinis-equi A Horse Hair Fungus

Fran has almost completed her first year as a PhD candidate, studying the Genus Marasmius in eastern Australia. She’s been on a steep learning curve this year. This comes after a career as a Medical GP, and a fascination with fungi for about 13 years. She has published 2 new species of Marasmius and is working on another at present. Doing the detective work of who, when, where and what in fungal taxonomy is exciting, challenging and rewarding to her.

Fran Guard 1

We will be meeting in an exciting new location – hope to see you there!

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