2022 Calendar Year – Monthly Meeting Space, Dates and Forays


QMS 2022 Calendar – subject to change, but we will keep you informed of any changes.

Tuesday09-February-2022Zoom Meeting – Dr Adam Frew – Plant Defence Responses and the Fungal Network
Saturday12-February-2022Foray: Ben Bennett Park Caloundra
Saturday05-March-2022Foray: Linda Garrett
SundayPostponed to 13-March-2022Farm Trail – Scenic Mushrooms
Tuesday08-March-2022Meeting: Online Only – Alessandro Liuti and Carmen Yuen –  Mushi- Using mycelium for sustainable wetlands
Friday25-March-2022Residential Foray: Tamborine Mountain
Saturday26-March-2022Residential Foray: Tamborine Mountain
Sunday27-March-2022Residential Foray: Tamborine Mountain
SaturdayPostpone to 16-April-2022Foray: Chermside Hills
Tuesday12-April-2022Meeting: Online Only – Amanda Morgan – Reimagining Waste
Saturday23-April-2022Foray: Annie Hehir
Saturday07-May-2022Foray: Cooloolah National Park
Tuesday10-May-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online
Saturday 21-May-2022Foray: Maroochy Bushland 
Saturday28-May-2022Maleny Workshop: Fran Guard – Spores and Spore Prints (9am-3pm)
Saturday04-June-2022Foray: Triunia
Tuesday14-June-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online – Dr Jonathan Plett – Ectomycorrhizal fungus
Saturday18-June-2022Foray: Bellthorpe
Saturday02-July-2022Foray: Daisy’s Place
Sunday10-July-2022Online Workshop: Caine Barlow – Fungi Cultivation at Home (2-5pm)
Tuesday12-July-2022AGM and Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online – Fran Guard – Update on Marasmius… the plot thickens!
Tuesday09-August-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online – Wayne Boatwright – Forays of 2022
Tuesday13-September-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online – Rod Rogers – Introduction to Lichens
Tuesday11-October-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & OnlineDr Teresa Lebel – Truffles
Tuesday08-November-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online – Dr Sally Fryar – Marine and Freshwater Fungi
Tuesday 13-December-2022Meeting: Gasworks Newstead & Online