May 212018


Dr Vivian Sandoval Gomez – The Mycologist’s Lament:
Who is eating my samples? Stories of beetle-macrofungus interactions

7.00-9.00pm FM Bailey room Queensland Herbarium, Mt Coot-tha.

Dr. Sandoval was awarded her Ph.D. in entomology from the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) in 2013 after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Systematics from the University of Cauca and National University of Colombia. Vivian has conducted post-doctoral research at UFV (Brazil) and worked as a professor in the School of Biological Sciences of the Federal University of Tocantins (Brazil) for three years. She is currently a research technician at the University of Queensland and an Honorary Research Fellow at Queensland Museum.

Vivian has been interested in insects from the beginning of her career. In particular, her research is focused on the evolution and diversity of beetle-macrofungus interactions. Vivian has published different papers describing new species and genera of minute tree-fungus beetles (Coleoptera: Ciidae) and their associated bracket fungi. Vivian is currently studying the biology of Australian ciid beetles and their interaction with Polypores. In her presentation to the Qld Mycological Society, Dr. Sandoval will give an introduction to the beetle-macrofungus interactions, discuss their importance for the ecosystem and show a close up of what is responsible for making holes and eating fruiting bodies. She will also present techniques for collecting and studying these insects and how you can help and contribute to her research.

Queensland Herbarium

Queensland Herbarium