May 192017
Coming up at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Theatrette.

May 29th 10am-11.15am

Fungi, The Superheroes of Our Future: Using Fungi to Remediate Land
Dr Sandra Tuscynska (mycological remediation specialist)

Discover the wonder of the Wood Wide Web, the sophisticated ways in which the humble fungi rule the world. Fungi munch on rocks and wood, creating soils and nourishing all life forms. They serve as the communication network across entire forests and provide immunity to their plant hosts through intimate relationships with the smallest of bacteria to the largest of trees. While some feast on pollutants, others provide renewable resources from agricultural wastes – there are no limits to what these superheroes can do.

June 8th 2pm- 3.30pm

DNA Bar-coding Rainforest Flora to Aid Conservation Planning
Associate Professor Alison Shapcott (USC)

Scientists are only just now just starting to use DNA barcodes as a way measuring genetic diversity within eco-systems. The DNA barcode reference library enables scientist to match unknown plant material such in forensics and has also been used to test if plant products are actually the species being claimed. This cutting edge research is helping scientists plan for conservation much more effectively. Come and hear leading plant ecologist Associate Professor Alison Shapcott talk about how she is using DNA barcoding as a better way to measure biodiversity for conservation planning.

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